About Me

I love UI. It's always been the thing I gravitate towards, my passion.

I started my programming career learning an antiquated database language (PICK), which I was able to pick up quickly, and which I enjoyed. However, I quickly realized I was more interested in presenting the data to the user rather than getting the data. At the time, my team was working on a site with a huge admin section, and even though it was not a part of our job, I found myself considering what ways we could improve our user's experience with the admin section. Long story short, I ended up working with our Business Owners & my team to completely rebuild the UI for the admin section of the site.

I was hooked. I had worked before in Front-End web code, but I found myself spending any spare time I had reading articles, perusing CodePen, etc. learning newer and better ways to code for users. Not long after completing the afore mentioned admin site, a new position at my company opened up looking specifically for a UI developer, which I was naturally interested in, and was able to land.

I became the go-to person for all things UI, a job that entailed:

What Do I want?

I want to be free to try new things. I want to work on a team with other folks who are better than me, because if I'm the best coder in the room, I'm not learning as much as I could be. I want a challenge.

My Skills

I am spectacular at html5 & css3 (just check out my codepen). I understand and can do javascript, but I am not where I want to be with it yet. My focus for 2015 will be on improving my JS skills wherever I can.

Tools I :

Websites I :

My Work see more

CSS Animated Search Box Concepts

See the Pen CSS Animated Search Box Concepts by brandon kennedy (@brandonkennedy) on CodePen.

CSS Icon/Font Manipulation

See the Pen Fancy Up Those Social Media Icons!!! by brandon kennedy (@brandonkennedy) on CodePen.

CSS Only Loading Icon

See the Pen more loading by brandon kennedy (@brandonkennedy) on CodePen.

"Zero Element" CSS Animated Background

See the Pen animated css background by brandon kennedy (@brandonkennedy) on CodePen.

Contact Me

Brandon Kennedy
336.517.7890 (leave a message)